The Legacy Collection is a group of duck calls available on this web site. These calls consist of some made from the early 1990s up to some being made presently. Grover doesn't know how many he has left in him, however, after several inactive years, he is again making a few. Each call will come with a Certificate of Authenticity with a picture of the call and signed by Grover Knoll. The likelihood is great that these calls will gain value substantially in the future. Hopefully, calls from the Legacy Collection will be a lasting and prized possession to Hunters, Guides, and Collectors.

From Tim G of Hot Springs, AR:

"I've known the Knoll family since the mid-70's. If you need a great call from a great family man, go see Mr. Grover. He will work until he finds one that fits your tastes perfectly. And even if you're terrible caller like me, he won't say a word."